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Sustainable food solution seeking your support

Many Slow Fooders are already familiar with the groundbreaking work of Dr Pia Winberg and are regular users of Phettucine, Sea Cs, PhycoMuesli and PhycoHealth’s other seaweed products. This Illawarra/Shoalhaven-based business is currently seeking support to grow to the next level. The science is solid, seaweed based-food products are being made and it’s time to improve and upscale the operation. This, of course, requires some funding.

Dr Pia Winberg

Now there is the opportunity through to either invest in PhycoHealth or to pre-purchase food and health products to support this fabulous and innovative local producer of healthy, sustainable food and other seaweed-based products.

By contributing you will be helping PhycoHealth to secure a matched government grant to commission a new seaweed refinery and to introduce new technology for a smart seaweed production system. Your contribution will also allow the business to scale up manufacturing, meet manufacture costs such as packaging, and take on more staff. There are also partner product perks. Most importantly you will be helping to achieve the impact of delivering ‘a more nutritious, smaller food footprint and unique marine biomolecules to the world, only using clean seawater, sun and recycled nutrients’.

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