Snail of Approval

Covering the Illawarra

The Slow Food movement seeks a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet as a whole.

Slow Food aims to inspire GOOD, CLEAN and FAIR food for everyone.

GOOD – seasonal food of good quality which is flavoursome and healthy.

CLEAN – food that is produced in ways which preserve biodiversity and does no harm to the environment.

FAIR – conditions and pay for producers and staff and still be a fair price for consumers.

Slow Food Saddleback recognises local food producers, artisans, retail outlets and restaurants that promote the Slow Food message of good, clean and fair food, and the protection of biodiversity in the Illawarra on the South Coast of NSW.

This allows customers, friends and supporters of good food and produce, to see that those awarded a Snail of Approval are special farmers or retailers supporting healthy and seasonal choices through accessible and responsible local food production and supply.

Locals businesses that meet the prerequisites above are asked to self nominate each year. Interested locals are also asked to nominate a business that they feel is worthy of recognition.

Applicants are required to demonstrate all or most of these criteria and a concentration on recycling, sustainability and regeneration is also recognised. Applications are assessed by the Slow Food Saddleback Committee.

A Snail of Approval plaque, window sticker and a Certificate of Approval is provided for awardees to use, together with publicity on their and our websites, and at all Slow Food events. The Snail is active in the Slow Food movement in 150 countries, so is well recognized.

Visitors and locals alike look for the Snail of Approval to assist their restaurant and food choices.

All Snail of Approval awardees are then eligible to submit an application for a Slow Food Saddleback Business Development Grant which is presented annually.

See the list the 2023-2024 awardees.

A copy of the 2023-2024 application form is provided for your information.

For more information, contact:
Celia Wade – Slow Food Saddleback, at