Snail of Approval

Slow Food Berry to JB and Slow Food Saddleback are introducing their inaugural year of the Snail of Approval in 2019.

The Slow Food movement seeks a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet as a whole.

Slow Food aims to inspire GOOD, CLEAN and FAIR food for everyone.


– seasonal food of good quality which is flavoursome and healthy.


– food that is produced in ways which preserve biodiversity and does no harm to the environment.


– conditions and pay for producers and staff and still be a fair price for consumers.

Local Slow Food Committees wish to recognise local food producers, artisans, retail outlets and restaurants that promote the Slow Food message of good, clean and fair food, and the protection of biodiversity on the South Coast of NSW.

This will allow customers, friends and supporters of good food and produce to see that those awarded a Snail of Approval are special farmers or retailers supporting healthy and seasonal choices through accessible and responsible local food production and supply.

Locals that meet the prerequisites above are asked to self nominate and our Committee will then be in touch as soon as possible to complete the procedure.

Nominations will close on Friday 15 March 2019, and Snail of Approval recipients will be recognised at an event at Kiama Markets on 3 April.

Snail of Approval decals and a Certificate of Approval will be provided for you to use, together with publicity on your and our websites, and at all Slow Food events.

To apply fill in the form below OR Click here to download the application form

Guidelines for Nomination and Approval 2019:

1. The Committee will consider all nominations, and this will include an onsite visit.
2. Recipients of the Snail of Approval will be announced at Kiama Markets on Wednesday 3 April, and on social media and website platforms.
3. We would also expect to get local Council and media recognition.
4. The Snail of Approval is subject to annual reviews.

NOTE: The Snail of Approval is an international recognition program for food producers, artisans, retail outlets, restaurants and cafes that clearly demonstrate a philosophy of adopting earth friendly practices.

These may include reduction in the use of chemicals, use of local and low mileage ingredients, preserving vanishing animal breeds and plant varieties, animal friendly practices. The Snail also signifies support of local producers, and the striving to create food that is Good, Clean and Fair.

The Snail of Approval recognises effort and intent, but does not award accreditation in any area. The Snail of Approval recognises that adopting the above practices is on a continuum, and not necessarily a recognition of perfection. We hope that Snail of Approval businesses will continue to find opportunities for improvement towards Good, Clean and Fair food for all.

  • Note: We encourage all our Snail of Approval participants to join their local Slow Food group Applications are available on line at:
    Please write a paragraph (or whatever you need) to tell us how you are maintaining the principles required for the award.

  • You could mention your aims and achievements that apply to quality, taste, seasonal food, and the health of animals and people. How you support small scale local producers (list examples) how you support food traditions, the pleasure of healthy eating, and education about taste and seasonal food.
  • Mention your aims and achievements around sustainable food production methods, supporting biodiversity, choices about chemical use and GMOs. Your choices that support the health of the planet, sustainable work practices, and reduction of waste, particularly single use plastics, adherence to relevant standards and minimising food miles.
  • FAIR
    The Slow Food Snail of Approval Committee acknowledges that as a business you need to make a fair income and lifestyle.
  • Mention your aims and achievements around any of the following that apply.

    Fair conditions and wages for workers, fair prices for consumers, fair payment, support and promotion for producers, support for local food traditions, economies and local food.
  • Nomination forms should be submitted by Friday 15 March 2019.