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A Sunny Soup Day in the Community Garden

A lovely day for twenty Slow Food Saddleback members and friends to wander around Kiama’s Community Garden on the 30th July.


Joe, Maria and Julie proudly lead us through the garden and answered all our questions. They are a very busy group and would welcome any support members and friends can offer.

Gabriella, Maria and Joe talk about the garden's design
Gabriella, Maria and Joe talk about the garden’s design



Gabriella’s Pumpkin, Julie’s Artichoke and Maria’s Broccoli/blue cheese soups, all prepared from ¬†garden produce were enjoyed with flatbread cooked in the pizza oven ¬†by Rayner. We donated $220 toward the commercial kitchen project for the garden.

Rayner has sent me a link to his favourite recipe of the moment. it is very good reading.!Umbria-II/coco/56d9411c0cf20d226f1e41f5