Slow Food Saddleback News

2023 Business Development Grants

The 2023 Snail of Approval recipients were entitled to apply for a Slow Food Saddleback Business Development Grant. Two grants of up to $2,500 were awarded by the Committee with funds that are raised through Slow Food Saddleback’s many events, and Membership fees.

These grants were presented to the following special local farmers to further their activities on Friday evening, 9 December at the Terra Madre (Mother Earth) Day Celebration Dinner.

Kel and Mahlah Grey of The Pines Dairy in Kiama will use their funds to contribute to their project The Pines Whey Fed pigs.

This addition of pigs to their farming system will complete the full circle evolution in their regenerative farming methods. As cheese makers they have excess whey, a huge source of protein for the pigs that will combine with systematic grazing. Pigs will be rotated through different areas, where their natural foraging abilities will benefit the land. Pigs will later be processed ethically and sold locally as the Pines Whey Fed Pork.

The second grant went to Adam Walmsley and Fiona Weir from Buena Vista Farm at Gerringong, to enable them to attend an Artisan Cheesemaking, 5 day Masterclass at The Cheese School, Castlemaine.

Fiona and Adam farm a small acreage intending to use the resources they have been given in line with sustainable agricultural principles. For long term viability it is essential to train up the second business owner in the crucial part of the business model, cheese making!