Letter from Jan Watson – humane killing of a farm animal workshop

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Sunday 16 October

I was recently given the opportunity to observe the humane killing of a farm animal, as well as some chickens. During my rather long time on Planet Earth, this was not something I had ever experienced and I thought it was a good chance for me to fill in the gaps in my knowledge of such things.

The venue was a tranquil rural setting with green paddocks rolling away in the distance to a rain forest. Horses, cows and goats grazed in the paddocks and in the clear morning light, the countryside was serene.

The kindest method of slaughtering was explained by an experienced woman who has been handling animals since she was a young girl. She imparted her extensive knowledge with great sensitivity and was calm and practical before the procedure; the animal was not stressed at any time and neither were the onlookers.

The subsequent skinning and butchering was carried out efficiently to ensure the quality of the meat was not compromised and valuable knowledge about the different cuts was explained. A rooster and several chickens were also dispatched in a similarly humane fashion and none of the birds were stressed at any time. Overall, it was a fascinating way to learn about farm life and the respect shown to all the animals in the food chain was heartening to observe.

Jan Watson (Member of Slow Food Saddleback)

Phyco Food Co. at Kiama Good Food Market

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On Sunday October 9th, Vicki and Celia set up shop to promote this wonderful local Seaweed product.  There was lots of interest and we sold quite a lot of product on the day. This was a good follow on from the lunch we held earlier in the year with Pia Winberg at the Old Schoolhouse, Gerringong

Phyco Food Co. will be featured on ABC Landline in coming weeks and BBC have been filming new recipes too.  Pia recently won a gold medal at the Melbourne Good Food Awards for the Phukka (Dukka) seaweed blend product. Check out  http://www.phycofood.co/

Thank  you Tricia for providing us a table at your stall.

Setting up the stall.
Setting up the stall.

Foxground Rooster and Goat Feast

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On Sunday 16th October, thirty Slow Food Saddleback members and friends were treated to an amazing day, hosted by Helen Attwater and Astra Temple.

The fabulous lunch menu,
A happy dispatcher -Gianna

Astra  instructed the group on the humane dispatch of a goat and six cockerels on the day.

Helen prepared dishes from locally sourced produce, goat and cockerels that were prepared prepared a few days earlier.

The Stables provided  protection from the strong northerly wind on the day.

A long table setting provided a relaxed, slow feast of fine food and friendship.

Helen must be congratulated it was a lot of hard work for her. Everyone was thrilled with the day.




Helen explaining the dishes she created for lunch.

Long table lunch at the stables
Michael Bligh with his dish of silver beet, beetroot with orange segments and walnuts,


AGM at Jamberoo Valley Farm

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On Thursday October 8th a small group of members met for the first of hopefully more breakfast meetings.  The AGM was soon completed and the office bearers, Celia as Leader and Michael as Treasurer will remain for 2016/17. We have a couple of new committee members to welcome too.


Tess from Jamberoo Valley Farm provided a tasty morning tea, then gave us all a fascinating tour of the farm, pigs, chickens, ducks and fish as well as beautiful health herbs and vegetable flourish. She shared her plans for the future Agrarian Kitchen with us.

Celia and Tass
Celia and Tass

Thank You Tess for sharing your Slow Food way of life with and we look forward to sharing and supporting your ventures in the future.