Slow Food Saddleback Recipes

Persian Herb Frittata – Kuku Sabzi

From Persiana p. 27  Sabrina Ghayour


Serves 8 as Part of a Mezze

200g flat leaf parsley
200g coriander
40g dill
60g chives
2 - 3 tbsp olive oil
2 bunches spring onions, thinly sliced
2 tsp turmeric
8 medium free-range eggs
2 tbsp plain flour
2 tbsp Greek yoghurt
3 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp sea salt flakes
freshly ground black pepper
3 - 4 heaped tbsp dried barberries
100g walnut pieces, chopped

You can omit the walnuts and barberries but they add texture and a burst of berry sharpness in every mouthful. SG.


Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Place a large cooking pot to warm over a medium heat.
Finely chop all the herbs (if you are using a food processor, you might need to do this in 2 batches). Pour the olive oil into the warm pan and fry the herbs and spring onions for a few minutes, then add the turmeric. Cook for a further 5 minutes, then place the herbs on a flat plate and allow to cool.

Meanwhile, mix the eggs, flour, yoghurt, baking powder together with sea salt flakes and black pepper to taste until everything is well combined and smooth. Once the herb mixture has cooled slightly so that it is no longer piping hot, slowly add a couple of spoonfuls at a time to the egg mixture and stir well until all the herb mixture is combined. Add in the barberries and walnuts (If using) and mix well once again.

Select a large ovenproof or Pyrex dish, and line the dish with non-stick baking paper (this will enable you to remove the finished dish with greater ease). Pour in the egg-and-herb mixture, then bake for 35 -40 minutes. To check if the frittata is cooked, insert a knife into the centre. If it comes out clear of raw egg, the dish is done. If not, return it to the oven for a few minutes.

Once cooked, allow to cool, then cut into squares to serve.