Slow Food Saddleback News

Fun Night for Unfasionable Fish

The latest Slow Food Saddleback event highlighted Unfashionable Fish, aligning us with Slow Food International’s recent emphasis on Slow Fish.


45 members and guests enjoyed the cocktail party at the Schoolhouse, Gerringong.  We are very fortunate to have Kirsten McHugh and Jack Timbs from the Schoolhouse the founding members of Slow Food Saddleback to provide the  inspiration for this evening.


A wonderful selection of very interesting local fishy titbits served throughout the night included smoked bonito tartlets, savoury mullet balls with a dipping sauce, tempura garfish, a savoury bake  with slimy mackerel, delicious mirror dory with roast potato wrapped in lettuce – a clever take on fish and chips and lastly a tuna belly salad.  later we were surprised with a cool panacotta made from Kirsten’s yoghurt served with finger limes. All together a very unusual and deliciously different menu.


Our guest speakers, Steve, Education Officer with NSW Fisheries and Bob a local fisherman, gave us a more scientific view on why we should choose these lesser known fish varieties as well as discussing problems with marine ecosystems and the importance of their survival.


We would like to thank our speakers and Kirsten and Jack for their hard work in making the eventing such a fascinating and pleasant evening for all.